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Upload photos from your computer or print directly from your blacks.ca My Photos account. We recommend using jpg photos with a file size of 300k or larger, but no bigger than 10mb.

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How do I select the photos I want to print?

Once you have logged into your My Photos account you can choose to select photos that you have already uploaded to your account or you can choose to upload photos directly from your desktop.

How do I print photos from my My Photos account?

If you choose to print photos from your My Photos account you will be prompted to login to your account. Once you have logged in you will see all of the photoset in your account. You can choose to print either an entire photoset or individual prints simply click on the button 'Select' to add the entire photoset – or click on the photoset to open it and see all of your photos then you simply click on the button 'Select' to add individual photos. All of the photographs you have selected will appear in 'My Tray' at the top of the builder. Once you have chosen all the images you want to print you can click on 'Use for Prints' to start your order.

How do I print photos from my desktop?

Once you choose to print photos from your desktop you just need to click on the button 'Select Photos' to start browsing your desktop for the photos you want to print – once you have selected the photos you can click on the button to 'Upload Photos'. All of your photos will be uploaded to a new Photoset in your My Photos account – the uploader will keep you up to date on the progress of your upload – when it shows completed you can simply close the uploaded dialogue box. Once you have uploaded all of the photos you wish to print just click on the button labeled 'Select' and you can order your prints directly from the new Photoset in your My Photos account.

How do I change the size of one of the prints?

Simply add or remove a check box to the different sizes for each photograph – then select the quantity of prints and the finish of the prints. To de-select a print size or a photograph from your order simply click on the check box.

How do I add a white border to a print?

Simply click on the box indicating 'White Border' underneath each photograph in order to get that photo printed with a White Border. Clicking on it again will remove the 'White Border' from your print.

How do I make a change to all of my photos at once?

You can use the Quick Change to all Photos tool to apply the same change to every print in your order – you can use it to select a size, finish, quantity and white border using this tool. This tool is used to add a selection to your order – so it will not make any additional changes to the photos you have already changed individually.

You can also use the Quick Change to All Photos tool to remove prints from the order – if you select the size and change the quantity to 0 it will remove all of the photos that are that size from the order.

How do I crop my photos?

Select the 'Crop' icon crop icon then use the arrows to move the photo within the template, use the + - slider to zoom in & out on the photo in the template & use the rotate & flip options to position the photograph perfectly in the template. When the photo is in the perfect position simply click on 'Done Editing' to apply the changes.

How do I edit the photo?

Select the 'Edit' icon edit icon then you can use the + - sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation & hue of the images. Or you can change the photograph to Black & White or Sepia. When the photo is in the perfect position simply click on 'Done Editing' to apply the changes.

How do I make one Photo B&W and one Photo Colour?

Before you click on the 'Edit' button you can choose to duplicate a photo – then you can edit each photo individually.

How do I add remove photos from my order?

You can choose to delete photos from your order using the 'Delete' button – this will only remove photos from your order not from your My Photos account. Or you can de-select all of the sizes for the print.

How do I add more photos to my order?

Click on the button 'Add More Photos' at the top of the builder.

How do I pick the quantity of cards I want?

Click on the button 'Preview Order' you will see your final Greeting Card as well as all of your selections. You can add any quantity of prints to your order.

How do I order my Greeting Cards?

Click on 'Add to Cart' you greeting cards will be added to the cart.

How do I order more cards with a different template?

Once the first order is in your cart you can return to the beginning of the Greeting Card builder and start creating a new Greeting Card.

How do I get my prints?

Once you complete the order you will get to choose whether you want your order delivered to your home or if you want to pick your prints up at any Black's location.

How soon can I pick up my prints?

If you choose to pick up your prints in store during regular business hours you can pick up your prints in as little as one hour. If you submit your order after hours you can pick up your prints the next day within an hour of the store commencing operations.

How will I know that my prints are ready?

You will get 2 e-mail confirmations – the first confirmation will let you know that we have successfully received your print order – the 2nd e-mail will let you know that your order has been printed & is ready to pick up.

How do I pay for my prints with a Print+ Card?

You will be given the opportunity to pay for your prints with a Print+ card at checkout. You can pay for 4x6, 5x7 & 6x8 prints with the card.

How do I reload a Print+ Card?

You can reload a Print+ Card online - Once you have registered a Print+ Card to your account you can select the 'reload' icon on the Print+ Management Page – select the number of prints you wish to add to you card & add those to your cart. You can then process your transaction as normal. The prints will be automatically added to your card as soon as the transaction is complete. You can also reload a Print+ Card at any Black's location.