desktop calendar

Desktop Calendar

Home, office, kitchen, bedside table to wish you sweet dreams. This little calendar goes anywhere and looks great anywhere, especially when you fill it with what you love.

  • Choose from Simple or editable calendar grids
  • Printed on Photographic Paper
  • Holds 12 pages, 12 months
  • Spiral Binding
  • Size 5”x10”

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1. Choose Your Calendar Style

Editable Grids

2. Choose the start date

The selected start date is in the past. Please make sure that the selected date is what is desired.

3. Import your personal events (optional)

If you have made a calendar before and saved it on our servers, you can retrieve the events (text and images) that you have personalized. However, this calendar must be of the same format.

Choose "None" option to start a new calendar.

4. Create your calendar below