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Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are only boring if you don’t make them exciting. Cover them with your favourite photos and enjoy them every day. We make them in a standard size and a larger one for gamers.

  • Regular Mouse Pads Size 7" x 9’’
  • Mouse Pads for Gamers Size 10” x 16”
  • Foam backed

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Enhance your workspace with our custom regular mouse pad. Personalize it to your taste by choosing from a multitude of colors and patterns or adding a logo or image that captures your style. Built with durable materials, it's designed to resist daily wear and tear.


The mouse pad's smooth surface guarantees precise mouse movements, while its non-slip backing ensures stability. Its thickness provides extra cushioning for your wrist during prolonged work sessions. This versatile and personalized accessory is an excellent addition for anyone engaged in computer-based tasks.