Softcover Photobook

A soft cover with strong binding that’s not just for softies.

  • Personalized photo cover
  • Choose from a large selection of templates and layouts
  • Super strong binding for durability
  • Holds 20 to 200 pages

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For a 20-page photobook

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8 x 1020.3 x 25.4
10 x 825.4 x 20.3
8 x 620.3 x 15.2
10 x 1025.4 x 25.4
8 x 820.3 x 20.3
6 x 615.2 x 15.2

Design Your Custom Softcover Photo Books


Introducing our softcover photo book, designed with a strong binding that effortlessly preserves your treasured memories. Combining the flexibility of a soft cover with the durability of a sturdy binding, this photo book is the perfect choice for creating a personalized keepsake that will withstand the test of time.


With our user-friendly customization options, you can personalize the photo cover with your favorite image, setting the tone for the entire book and creating a unique and meaningful front cover. Choose from a wide selection of templates and layouts to beautifully showcase your photos and create a visually stunning album. The super strong binding ensures that your photo book remains intact, even with frequent handling and browsing. Whether you opt for a slim 20-page album or a comprehensive 200-page collection, our binding is crafted to withstand the demands of everyday use.